We have specialists to monitor, evaluate and diagnose your network, with the objective of exposing vulnerabilities and find consistent solutions to improve and increase the security.

Inventory of authorized and unauthorized devices

Manage all the hardware devices of the network so that only the authorized ones have access and, unauthorized and unmanaged devices, be found and avoided to obtain access.

Inventory of authorized and unauthorized software

Actively manage all the software in the network so that, just the authorized ones may install and execute, being the other unable to install or execute.

Secure configurations for hardware and software in mobile devices, laptops, workstations and servers

Establish, implement and actively manage the configuration of your work devices using a rigorous management and also the configuration change of the control processes to prevent invaders from exploring vulnerable services and configurations.

Continuous vulnerability assessment and remediation

Continuously evaluate new information to identify vulnerabilities, remedy and minimize the window of opportunities for attacks.

Controlled use of administrative privileges

We use processes and tools to track, control, prevent and correct the use, as well as attributions and configurations of administrative privileges in computers, networks and applications.

Maintenance, monitoring and analysis of audit records

Collect, manage and analyze audit records of events that may help to detect, understand or recover from an attack.

Email and web browser protections

Minimize the attack surface and the opportunities so that invaders manipulate human behavior through their interaction with browsers and e-mail systems.

Malware Defenses

Controls the installation, dissemination and execution of malicious codes in several points of the company, at the same time that optimizes the use of the automation to allow a quick update of defenses, data collection and corrective action.

Limitation and doors control, protocols and network services

Manage the operational use in door controlling, protocols and services, in network devices, to minimize vulnerabilities window available for attacks.

Data recovery capacity

Processes and tools used to do a backup of critical information with a proven methodology for opportune recovery.

Secure configurations for networking devices

Establish, implement and manage actively the security configuration of network infrastructure devices using a rigorous configuration management process and change control.

Perimeter Defense

Detects, avoids and corrects the flow of information in networks of different levels of confidence with focus on damages data for security.

Acess Control

Processes and tools used to track, control, prevent and correct the safe access of people to critical assets according to the formal determination. Thus, computers and applications obtain access to these critical assets based on an approved classification.

Wireless access control

Processes and tools used to track, control, prevent and correct the security of wireless local area networks (LANs), access points and wireless customer systems.

Monitoring and control of accounts and logins

Manage, actively, the lifecycle of application accounts - its creation, use, latency, exclusion - to minimize the opportunities for attack.

Evaluation of security skills

For all functional roles in the organization, identify the specific knowledge and skills needed to support the company's defense.

Application security

Management of the security life cycle of all software developed and acquired internally to prevent, detect and correct security weaknesses.

Incident Response Management

Protect the organization's information, as well as its reputation, developing and implementing an incident response infrastructure in order to quickly uncover an attack and effectively deal with damage, eradicate the invader's presence and restore the integrity of the network and systems.

Penetration tests

Test the general strength of an organization's defenses (the technology, processes and people) by simulating the objectives and actions of an invader.

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