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Kaspersky Lab is a global cyber security company founded in 1997. The deep understanding of the threats and the security expertise of Kaspersky Lab continuously transform into solutions and security services to protect companies, critical infrastructure, governments and final consumers around the world. The broad security portfolio of the company includes leaders in endpoint protection technologies and several solutions and specialized security services in the fight of sophisticated and in evolution digital threats. More than 400 million users and 270,000 corporative clients are safe through Kaspersky Lab technologies, which seeks to protect what is most important to each one. Learn more at

Implementation, configuration, and training.

We work with all stages of this product implementation process since the installation and configuration to the IT training.

In partnership with Kaspersky, one of the world's main security software developers, we offer to our client's robust solutions that attend to all market segments. Get to know some resources:

Antimalware for Workstations

Antimalware protection awarded-winning of easy management, which gives you more time to focus on other company activities.

Unified management console

All the Kaspersky's technologies, including our management console, are part of a single platform that makes it easy the policy definition of IT.

Systems management

Simplified management of systems and corrections, actives and provisioning, to increase IT efficiency.

Mobile security

Protection and configuration tools that allow a safe mobile deployment on employee devices.

Mobile Device Management

Convenient administrative tools for safe configuration of mobile devices, more resources that help to enable a strategy "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) safe.

Antimalware for File Servers

Strict antimalware that helps to protect your servers and reduce the risk of malware spreading across your network.


Security for files, folders, full disks, or devices, even if they fall into the wrong hands

E-mail security

Antimalware and smart spam filtering for your mail system, to help reducing employee distraction.

Controls (Application, Device, Web)

Control over applications, devices, and on how employees access and use the Web, increasing security and productivity

Security for Internet Gateways

Protection for the most popular Internet gateways, so that your employees can work on the Internet with few interruptions.

Security for Collaboration

Antimalware protection, content and file filtering for Microsoft SharePoint, to aid in secure collaboration.

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Know the products

For companies 1-50 employees

For companies 1-50 employees

Security for small businesses with excellent functionality. Kaspersky Small Office Security is the only IT security solution specifically created for smaller companies that combine our awarded-winning antimalware technology with other special technologies that protect the things that are important to you.


  • Protects laptops, desktops, and servers against malware
  • Simplifies the security, including the remote management
  • Adds a greater security for transactions and payments in Internet Banking
  • Protects Android devices - by anti-theft and more
  • Avoid company and customer information leaks
  • Protects the companies from phishing and Internet risk

For companies with 51 or more employees

For companies with 51 or more employees

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business is a more robust solution for midsize companies. It has 4 different options (Core, Select, Advanced and Total) that perfectly suits your company.


  • Unified management console
  • Antimalware for Workstations
  • Antimalware for File Servers
  • Security for Mobile Devices
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Controls (Application, Device, and Web)
  • Encryption
  • Systems Management
  • Security for Mail
  • Security for Internet gateways
  • Security for Collaboration

For companies with 1000 or more employees

For companies with 1000 or more employees

For large companies, the choice is Kaspersky Security Solutions for Enterprise, which offers protection across all your devices, since fraud to targeted attacks.


  • Endpoint Security
  • Virtualization Security
  • Mobile Security
  • Anti Targeted Attack
  • DDoS Protection
  • Security Intelligence Services
  • Security for Data Centers
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Industrial CyberSecurity

Kaspersky Lab protection. The most tested. The most awarded.

In 2015, Kaspersky Lab participated in 94 independent tests and analyzes. Our products were awarded the first place 60 times and were among the first three for 77 times. The TOP 3 metric represents the aggregate scores obtained by approximately 100 suppliers in some of the most dynamic tests and independent analysis in the security sector. It is much more significant than a "guessing" type performance with just one product in only one test.

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