Internet security

Fortinet has developed an innovative, high-performance network security solution. It attends the need of environments that demand ever-increasing width band, as well as a scenario of increasingly sophisticated threats. It is a leader company in the network security appliance and UTM (Unified Threat Management) markets. With these solutions, organizations of all sizes have total control over their users, applications, data, and devices. The result translates into greater threat protection, improved business processes, simplified management, and reduced costs.

UTM Fortinet Model

UTM Fortinet Model

The UTM model and Fortinet's integrated security technologies ensure maximum protection, better performance, and high reliability. Simple, regarding unsurpassed cost-benefit.

The old model, isolated.

The old model, isolated.

Several isolated security products, from different manufacturers, result in high implementation costs and complex management, with low performance and little reliability.

Wide end-to-end protection.

We offer a wide range of appliances and software to help the user to defend against various types of attacks, from terminals to the core.

High-quality security.

A wide set of high-quality integrated security functions ensures that the most sophisticated and demanding users are not victimized by the vulnerabilities of a traditional infrastructure, with fragmented security points.

Lowest TCO (total cost of ownership).

The TCO goes lower when consolidate the security functionality into a single device, reducing the network complexity and centralizing the management.

Greater flexibility and facility.

We allow the user to activate additional on-demand security functions and services, as their needs evolve.

For all companies

Solutions for carriers/service providers

The family systems of AdvancedTCA ™ FortiGate-5000, based on the chassis and the FortiGate-3000 platform, based on appliances, ensures complete security, policy application and QoS management for providers’ services, large enterprises, and telecommunications providers. The native support for Gigabyte Ethernet (GbE) and 10 GbE interfaces of high-density, offer exceptional flexibility and scalability with regard to the performance. Consolidated security technologies and virtual domain support are ideal for high-speed security gateways security, managed security services, and complex multilocation deployments. Firewall performance: until 480 Gbps.

Solutions for large corporations

Fortinet's consolidated security solutions ensure the robust defense that your network needs, as well as flexible deployment and scalability options for an easy expansion. The exclusive combination of performance provided by FortiASIC processors, of the integrated attack response and of the dynamic attack intelligence ensures the highest level of network and of content security, at the same time that simplifies the network infrastructure. Firewall performance: until 120 Gbps.

Solutions for midsize companies

FortiGate consolidated security appliances for deployments at midsize companies provide integrated security and networking functions on a single high-performance device. You can rely on the complete content protection to block emergent and complex attacks, which are not detected by other isolated technologies or legacy products. Firewall performance: until 44 Gbps.

Solutions for SMB and remote offices

Fortinet appliances integrate all the essential security services needed to protect a company, in an affordable package. These easy-to-deploy and manage systems ensure broad protection on a flexible and ready-to-use platform, perfect for ensuring the protection of small installations. Firewall performance: until 1 Gbps.

Specialized Security Solutions

FortiWeb: Application firewall

Web and XML application firewall to protect, balance and speed up web applications, databases and information exchanged between them. Inspects until 70,000 HTTP/second transactions.

FortiDB: Database Security

Provides supplies of vulnerability correction, monitoring, and auditing to protect databases and track the flow of information between them. Protects until 60 instances of databases.

FortiClient: Remote Security

Ensures broad and dynamic security for personal computers, laptops, and smartphones. Extends the Fortinet expertise to terminal devices.

FortiManager: Centralized Management

Efficiently manages Fortinet infrastructures of all sizes, from few devices to hundreds of appliances and agents in terminals. Manages until 5,000 Fortinet devices and virtual domains.

FortiSwitch: Gigabyte Switch

Switching Gigabyte Ethernet (GbE) Platforms of high-performance, scalable and low latency. Performance until 960 Gbps.

FortiBalancer: Application Delivery Driver

It optimizes the availability, user experience, performance, and scalability of delivering applications of all types (mobile, cloud, enterprise), regardless of origin or destination point. Performance until 10 Gbps and 8 million concurrent connections.

FortiAuthenticator: User Management

Handles the authentication of two factors, identity verification, and network access. Manages until 2,000 end users.

FortVoice: Security for VoIP

Ensures complete telephony control of small businesses, with IP and analog solutions. Manage until 64 concurrent users per site.

FortiMail: Secure messenger

Designed specifically for the most demanding messaging systems, FortiMail offers a fast, accurate, and multilayer approach to block spam and malware. Flexible options minimize the disruption of existing infrastructure during the deployment. Identity-based cryptography protects the restricted content, and the granular application of policies helps to maintain regulatory compliance. Provides anti-spam and antivirus filtering for until 2 million messages/hour.

FortiDNS: Robust DNS Systems

Provides robust and secure DNS systems to replace legacy solutions and reduce the cost and the complexity of DNS deployments. Manages until 60,000 queries per second.

FortiCache: Appliance-based Web caching

High-performance, appliance-based Web caching. Increases network performance, reduces band costs and minimizes latency. Performance until 500 Mbps.

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