IP telephony and PABX

With the growth of the company is natural that there are more people working together, so the communication between your employees cannot be a hindrance to the success of your business. AMSi Networks works with Avaya's all the PABX and IP telephony line, a company that has been, for more than 20 years, offering the best solutions for the IT market.


To ensure a telephone network with independent internal communication, network management in ways of extensions and administration of internal callings. Avaya has high-performance solutions in PABX as the Communication Server 1000 that has all the advantages of a converged network, advanced applications, more than 750 processing, call resources, and still integrates with the Avaya Aura® Platform.

IP telephony

Through IP telephony you can enjoy of:

  • Support for high-quality voice communication;
  • Voice mail and video;
  • Video by demand;
  • Video and voice conferencing by the Internet and existing LANs and WANs that use IP;
  • Cost reduction of existing services, such as voice and video diffusion;
  • Flexibility such in terms of physical media (PSTN, xDSL, ISDN lines, dedicated lines, coaxial cable, satellites and twisted pair) as in physical location terms;

Moreover, as AMSi Networks works exclusively with Avaya all its IP Telephony will be integrated.


Through Avaya Flare® Communicator, you simplify and drop the physical communication barriers in your company in an integrated way. Offering intuitive graphical design, now your employees can now use iPads for:

  • Easy and universal access to real-time communication tools needed on a day-to-day: telephone, presence, instant messaging, etc.
  • Mixing real-time communications and business processes, as mobile sales
  • Take advantage of WiFi and 3G connectivity for VoIP economy.
Pabx Avaya Flare Interface
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