Networking diagnosis and monitoring

AMSi Networks is the authorized reseller of InterMapper software for network monitoring and diagnostics. Providing for the companies an easy to use tool that provides an immediate insight of the status of network, performance, and other diagnostic information. Besides the implementation, we also configure and train your IT team for the best use of this application.


Network-monitoring software InterMapper is a powerful network-monitoring, mapping and alerting tool, which helps the network administrators to manage and maintain healthy IT environments. The resources network of InterMapper monitoring supplies a real-time view of your network, which allows managing hardware, software, and bandwidth requirements, in order to maximize the productivity with the minimum of resources. InterMapper is not only the most used tool in the world but also offer support to Windows, Mac and Linux platforms to give you the needed flexibility in today's different business environments.

Software Intermapper
Intermapper Remote access

InterMapper RemoteAccess

In today's business climate, remote server monitoring is crucial to maintaining a secure and reliable network. To have success, companies need to allow the remote access to their infrastructure efficiently independently of where the employees are located. This software allows you to access InterMapper from any location, thus keeping an aware look over your network, no matter where you are.

InterMapper Flows NetFlow Analyzer

This is a crucial component. Following the data stream, you can have a better understanding of the health of your network and may know if your infrastructure is working, as it should. All in real time and with a large number of details.

Intermapper Flow Analyzer
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