Software licenses

Microsoft develops several solutions that make it easier the business day-to-day, increasing the productivity and decreasing the costs. AMSi Networks makes the sale of the licenses, installs and configures the systems.

Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise

Windows 10 Pro was projected to provide a family and productive experience, while at the same time, offers, at the enterprise level, flexibility and security that allow your company to grow in an efficient way. Windows 10 Enterprise was developed with a solid base of Windows 10 Pro and count on premium resources created to attend to the needs of larger organizations, including your company or higher education institution.

Windows Server

At the center of the Microsoft Cloud Platform vision, the Windows Server 2012 R2 brings Microsoft's experience in delivering in global scale cloud services to its infrastructure, with new resources and improvements in virtualization areas, management, storage, networking, infrastructure of the virtual desktop, access and protection of information, Web, application platform and more.

Office 365

With the new Office 365 resources allied to the newly released Office 2016 applications, you have the most complete and secure choice of communication and productivity in the cloud ever offered. Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and OneNote.


Work in a smarter way, anywhere. Get an executive email and increase the productivity, while keeping your organization safe.

System Center 2012 R2

The System Center help the clients to acquire an unified data center management experience with ready-to-use resources for monitoring, provisioning, configuration, automation, protection, and self-service. Now is possible to extend System Center functionality with the Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) to offer a platform solution independent, and based on the cloud that helps you to manage the traditional infrastructure and modern applications with the facility.

Acronis Backup Service

Acronis backup services solve all data protection problems in a simple, complete and highly manageable way. Perform backups from any source to anywhere. All this through a friendly web interface, reducing the workload of your IT team.

Acronis Backup

Easy and fast backup solution for specific systems. Ideal for small companies with low IT resources. Acronis backup offers data protection for specific systems: Windows PCs, Windows/Linux servers, VMware vSphere ESX (i), and systems with critical applications.

Acronis Backup Advanced

Data protection for multiple systems in a unified form. With the help of Acronis AnyData Engine, the Acronis Backup advanced offers robust, intuitive and unified data protection, besides of the disaster recovery for multiple environments. Through a single console, manage all your devices and applications anywhere.

Acronis Backup to Cloud

All Acronis backup products offer secure access to Acronis cloud storage. Just add your Acronis account to the software and protect your data.

Acronis Disaster Recovery Service

Recover entire servers with just one click. Acronis Disaster Recovery Service is a hybrid and broad solution that ensures the protection of your data and the continuity of your services. Recover data centers and servers in until 15 minutes with only 1 click.

Acronis Snap Deploy

Deploy and automate tasks from hundreds of systems as fast as you would do in 1. To deploy new systems can be an exhaustive task and, which requires a lot of coordination from your IT team. Acronis Snap Deploy uses a snapshot technology to produce a master and customizable image that can be deployed in several systems simultaneously.

Acronis Disk Director

Increase the efficiency of your infrastructure and manage your data intuitively without the danger of losing your data.

Acronis AnyData Engine

Acronis AnyData Engine provides complete protection independent of device, operating system, application, virtual environment or storage site, all this in an integrated way.

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